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20 October
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My name is Stephanie, otherwise known as Stephie. I'm a college student currently attending UCF. My major is Elementary Education and I currently plan on getting my Masters in Reading. I'm very excited to become a teacher. I currently work at Steak 'n Shake as a server making tips. Believe me, its not the best job in the world. I just hope a more decent part-time job will fall in my lap soon. I volunteer at a reading camp downtown.
I have several different hobbies, if I have time. I enjoy reading, I have a booklist that I'm working on. I love listening to music, I have a very ecclectic taste. My main LOVES are EISLEY, BRAND NEW, and A*TEENS, yes, you read that right. I'm such a child at heart. I dabble in doodling, writing, photography, and drawing. I wish I was more artistic. I also dabble in web design/graphic design. I'm not great at it at all, but I like to think I'm improving.


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