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Apr 18 06 - Entry title.
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Bold Italic Underline Link.
ephee - user
ep_ic - community

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EISLEY ; stacky
Feb 13 06 - MYSPACE.
MySpace has gotten crazy lately, or is it just me? The connection seems SO SLOW! I know its the site, b/c ever other site works perfectly fine. Bahaha, I'm so nosey on MySpace, its why I got it. (Which is why I feel Reeka got one too, b/c she's really good at being nosey! She finds some good finds.) I feel like everyone and their mom has MySpace, LITERALLY. But when it acts so its not so fun being nosey b/c it doesn't work as fast. You know what's the FIRST thing I do when I get home? Yep, go on MYSPACE. Then check the LJ and then (soemtimes) email. I should've done laundry today. Oh well. I'm bored. I need MySpace to work now.
EISLEY ; stacky
Aug 17 05 - ICON POST.
(3) The A-AR
(1) A*Teens
(4) Eisley
(3) Kristen Bell
(6) Laguna Beach
(1) Roswell
(9) Veronica Mars


one day I slowly floated awayCollapse )

Comment & Credit.
Don't for get to credit FAILUREDESIGN when using.
My CREDITS are located HERE.
EISLEY ; stacky
Aug 11 05 - Icon Post.
I'll be posting my icons here for now on. They'll be public for everyone to see. These icons are the old ones posted in the other journal. I'm working on another batch right now. I'll post them later.

Icons - Eisley, Roswell, Veronica MarsCollapse )
EISLEY ; stacky
Aug 04 05 - Friends Cut.
I seriously hate to do these things, because its one of those stupid/typical eljay things to do, but I'm sorry I got to. I got to cut a bunch of people from my eljay, it crowds my friends page too much to have a bunch of people on my friends lists even though they don't comment, or I just don't read their journal. (I thinks its mainly because we don't have any common interests, which would explain things.) So please don't feel offended or anything for taking you off my friends list. Its nothing personal, its just a fact that we don't talk. So if you were taken off my friends list, then obviously you'll only see the the public entries. I'll end up posting some entries that'll end up being public if I feel like it. But there are somethings that I just don't want people reading without me knowing and junk, which is why its still FRIENDS ONLY for the most part.
EISLEY ; stacky
So if you're a lover, or a hater, click on this.


EISLEY ; stacky
Jan 07 05 - Check this out!
Hey if you love me or just want to be nice, then click on the link and earn me some points! Please?! I would so love you forever!! Don't forget to join!!


EISLEY ; stacky
Here are all the resources I use for all my icons, graphics, etc.

___fatalromance M
teh_indy M
inxsomniax M
_joni M
byjove M
my_wonderful M
colorfilter M
brasaremean M
immodica T
leggyslove T
_dysfunction T
lvlwing T

*** B - Brushes
*** C - Caps
*** G - Gradients
*** T - Textures

*** M - Multi

Eisley Pix
Laguna Beach Caps

If I forgot to credit you, then please leave a comment here to remind me. I did not mean to do it intentionally. Sorry, I'll put your credit up ASAP.
EISLEY ; stacky
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